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I'm wondering: is this site intended for German people or do you plan to make it English only? Well, in fact I don't speak German.

By the way, this question is not relevant to this forum, but I can't find a "contact" link on the site.

I still have a couple of questions about some KOMA-script tweaks: do you find it more useful for me and you if I ask them here or on the appropriate newsgroup? (this is also related to my first question above).

Thank you.

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I'm sorry we missed this question for 14 years.

The main language of this site is German, however some pages are also available in English, e.g., “Package Repositories”. You are also permitted to ask questions in the forum in English. We try to answer questions in the language used by the author of the question. However, if you do not understand German you can answer questions also in English.

Administratorentscheidungen sind grundsätzlich nicht im Forum zu diskutieren. Für Fragen an die Administratoren ist die bekannte Administrator-E-Mail-Adresse oder das Forum Site zu verwenden.

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