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chapter title styling

Hi all,

I'm currently porting a document from memoir to scrbook. There is one thing that is still not quite clear to me regarding chapter titles. memoir allows me to control the following regions in a chapter title:

Chapter 3
The Title

with the following macros:

\chapterheadstart (for XXXXXXXXXX)
\afterchapternum (for YYYYYYYYYY)
\afterchaptertitle (for ZZZZZZZZZZ)

From the KOMA-script documentation I figured out the following:


That works for the XXXXXXXXXX and YYYYYYYYYY but not ZZZZZZZZZZ. I'm personally not comfortable with redefining \makechapterhead or other internal macros. Is there a way to do this?

\chapterheadstartvskip and \chapterheadendvskip. I think the translator currently has not translated the (german) documentation of those, but there are examples at the forum and at the download section. If you understand German you may also find documentation of both at chapter 14 of scrguide.pdf.

Wer sich selbst zu wichtig nimmt, braucht von anderen nicht mehr wichtig genommen zu werden.

Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately my German isn't that good, but I'll certainly check out the German documentation for further tips.

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