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Overview Komafont


i am writing some wrapper classes and i am wondering if there is an overview where all the predefined komafonts, i can change for example by using \addtokomafont{}{}¹, are listed.

I know in the documentation are several tables where some predefined informations are given but it is hard to find them all and it is hard to find out if any information is missing.

For example I found the table for scrbook² and scrreprt² where the sizes of the headers are listed. But the information if there is some additional formatting, for example if it is without serif, if there is already a colour definition and so on is missing.

Would be nice to have a better overview so that the configuration would be possible in something like a separate style sheet.


  1. <latex>…</latex> tags as shortcut of <code lang="latex">…</code> added (see the filter tips)
  2. <tt>…</tt> tags added (see the filter tips)

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in scrguien there are the overview tables 3.2 (for scrbook, scrreprt and scrartcl), 4.2 (for scrlttr2 and scrletter), 5.1 (for scrlayer-scrpage) and 11.1 (for scrjura). And all of them have either the default value or a link to the description of the element where you can also find the defaults. Adding the defaults to all tables won't make sense, because some defaults depend on other settings, e.g., the defaults of element section depends on the class and the setting of option headings.

In backmatter of the documentation there is an »Index of Elements Capable of Adjusting Fonts«, in which all of these elements are listed and linked to their description.

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