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lco file for usletter-paper


I'm looking for a way to use the scrltt2 class with USletter paper.
Does anybody have a lco-file for this purpose?

yes, i know, i could give the option paper=letter¹ with DIN.lco, but the resulting warning:²

Class scrlttr2 Warning: Letter option file `DIN.lco'
(scrlttr2)              needs paper size `a4'.
(scrlttr2)              Current paper size is not `a4'!
(scrlttr2)              You should add `paper=a4' at the
(scrlttr2)              option list of \documentclass!
(scrlttr2)              Maybe you know what you are doing,
(scrlttr2)              so I do not change this myself.

doesn't sound too encouraging.



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There are 2 lco files for US letter format: UScommercial9 and UScommercial9DW.

Wer sich selbst zu wichtig nimmt, braucht von anderen nicht mehr wichtig genommen zu werden.

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