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graphics scrbook footer


I'm trying to include a graphic file in every footer of a scrbook document using:


This image is 595x34 pixels and represents a ruler with my company's information.

The LaTeX output does not shows this image...

Any clues ?



I'd recommend you post a minimal working latex document with your question, e.g.

Hello world.

Now, it is VERY hard to help you with the little information you give.
(a) di you define a pagestyle (such as \pagestyle{scrheadings} )?
(b) what's your output? dvi / ps / pdf?
(c) how do you generate your output? tex->ps->pdf / latex2pdf etc...
(d) your eps file does certainly NOT have 595x34 pixels as it is a vector format that is scalable at will. Try to give your \includegraphics a scale option with it, as in the example above.
(e) if your image is actually a raster graphic (pixels!) try to test your code with a true vector image to check if your (footer.eps)-image isn't corrupted.



thank you so much !

The eps file was corrupted. I now better understand how KOMA-Script works. I thought at first that it was not possible to use scrpage2 with scrbook. I'm no LaTeX expert and I'm using LyX to setup a template for other people, so things must remain really simple.

Your reply has enlightened my whole day (was a bit lost in the excellent KOMA-Script massive documentation)




you're welcome. I'm glad things worked out fine.


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