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scrlttr2 addrfield=false

I frequently have to write letters of recommendation. These are not addressed to a particular recipient. They are typically held by one person and sent to a variety of places, so there is no point in specifying a recipients' address.

I also use preprinted letterhead from my college for the first page. The preprinted logo takes 2 inches on the top and the preprinted address takes 1 inch on the bottom.

I have a problem with using scrlttr2 for these letters that I cannot solve. The same amount of vertical space is always present. The vertical distance between the top of the page and the date is the same whether I specify a recipients' address or not.

After reading the manual and looking at the .cls file, I thought that addrfield=false would remove this space. But I seem to have misunderstood.

Is there a way of starting the letter closer to the top of the page?

Here is a minimal example. With longer letters, I get a paragraph or two on the first page and the rest on the second page.

\documentclass[fontsize=11pt, paper=letter]{scrlttr2}
	addrfield=false,% Switching this on or off doesn't make any difference in the vertical space between the top of the page and the date, subject, salutation, etc..
\renewcommand{\raggedsignature}{\raggedright} % make the signature ragged right
\setkomavar{fromname}{Michael Green}
\setkomavar{signature}{Michael Green \\ My Title} % printed after the \closing
\setkomavar{subject}{Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Lorem Ipsum} % subject of the letter
\begin{letter}{Mr. Recipient \\ 456 Hard Ave. \\ Springfield, MA, 67890}
\opening{To whom it may concern:} % eg. Hello, dear, etc.; make empty for rec letter
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, and so on.
\closing{Sincerely yours,} %eg. Regards

Thank you very much.

Michael Green

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Figure 6.1, "Schematic of letter paper's pseudo lengths", shows all the pseudo length and length that are used to define the first page of a letter. You may find pseudo length refvpos to define the vertical position of the business line. You may set this pseudo length e.g. to the value of the pseudo length toaddrvpos to move the business line up.

Note: The date will be placed at the business line.

That is what I needed. Thank you very much!

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