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\part without newpage


i have a little bit trouble with \part. Is there a possibility to no create a new page? I'd like to have part on the first line and than go on with chapter.

Part I: .....
1. Chapter X
1.1. Section XX

2. Chapter Y
2.1. Section YY

Part II: ....
3. Chapter Z
3.1. Section ZZ

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I've never seen a book or report with parts not start a new page. So I think, your document is neither a book nor a report. So you are using the wrong class.

Try scrartcl and don't use \chapter because articles do not have chapters.

ok, if it's not possible than i have to try an other option. The openany option of the documentclass is by default on. How can i switch this option off?

Btw: I don't write an book, thats the reason why i use scrreprt. My problem is, i want to seperate the work in two parts. One for theory and one for praxis.



Bild von Markus Kohm

All options are documented and explained at the KOMA-Script manual. If you'd have a look at option openany you should also find out, how to setup openright.

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