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How to print text for 16cm x 24cm book in middle of A4 paper?


I am using KOMA-Script for preparing my PhD and next week the book has to be finished. So I have a very urgent question to you; I could not find the exact answer in the manual or the LaTeX Companion.

Here’s my question: the book has dimensions of 16cm (width) by 24cm (height), but has to be printed on A4-paper. This means that the body of the text has to appear exactly in the middle of the A4-paper (the borders will be cut off).

Currently I’m using following code, but it does not seem to work (the left and right page have no mirror symmetry and I’m using \hoffset and \voffset to correct, but it’s still not right):

\documentclass[twoside, DIVcalc, BCOR10mm, headinclude]{scrbook}
\hoffset=21mm \voffset=22mm

Could you please let me know what code I have to use? I would really appreciate it because I’m getting a little desperate…

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Arnold, Belgium

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Use only those parts of the following example that you wanted:

% print centered onto A4 paper with crop marks (option cam)
\usepackage[a4,center,cam]{crop}% see package manual for more info
% example
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