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Help with the (non-existent) points in the numbering of parts and appendices

Hallo all,

First of all a lot of thanks to the authors of this excellent *european* package.

I have the following problem that I cannot find a way to address and need the help of the KOMA-Script community ;-)

I try to get the typographically correct behaviour of pointed headers in parts and appendices, as the manual of KOMA-Script and Duden says. Nevertheless, even though the numbers in the headers of chapters and (sub)sections do not have a point (correct!), the same behaviour is true for parts and appendices (wrong!!). All of these after not 2, but 202 LaTeX runs!!

I am going crazy! I also tried the following absolutely basic example and the same undesired behaviour is still there:


\chapter{First Chapter}
\section{First Section}
\chapter{First appendix}
\chapter{Second appendix}

for the history, I compiled n times with "latex a.tex", where n->oo

What can be wrong or what am I missing? I am using a non-hacked installation of MikTeX 2.5...

Thanks in advance!


Ok, I just read and found out that this is a confirmed bug of the bundle. Thus, I came up with the following solution:

I put


in the preamble, and

\renewcommand*{\chapterformat}{\chapappifchapterprefix{\ }\thechapter.\enskip}

\renewcommand*{\othersectionlevelsformat}[1]{\csname the#1\endcsname.\enskip}

\renewcommand*{\chaptermarkformat}{\chapappifchapterprefix{\ }\thechapter.\enskip}


after the \appendix.

By the way:

1. I tried to download KOMA-Script 2.6 from but the server seems dead. Does there exist any other mirror for downloading it? Further, I could not find 2.6 in the ftp of berlios (only a beta was there).

2. I use the 2.95b from the ctan. Contrary to its bug report, the option headsepline automatically activates headinclude without any problem (i.e. the upper margin becomes indeed bigger).

With the above hack everything is typeset correctly, except for the numbering of parts and appendices in the toc that still does not have a point appended. Is there any trick to achieve it?

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There was a bug at KOMA-Script 2.95 till 2.96 with the "autodot feature". You may either use class option pointednumbers to force the dot or try out the beta version of KOMA-Script 2.97. If the servers is down, try it later.

BTW: Releases of KOMA-Script are not at the FTP but at the Files section. I don't know any BerliOS mirror.

I just had not understood correctly the Duden rule, and thought that parts and appendices should have a point and, at the same time, chapters and sections not. Now I know that the pointed numbers is the only option that is needed and includes all of them.

Nevertheless, I used it and the numberings seem to me too overloaded with points, even figures and tables have (for example, I do not like the constructs of type "Figure name.: the caption"). I think I do not like it, and will stick to the pointless version.

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