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Paket gridset

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Package gridset
Copyright (c) Markus Kohm, 2008-2020
Licence: LPPL
Version: 2020/02/12 v0.3 UNSUPPORTED ALPHA VERSION
KOMA-Script related: no

Grid setting — also known as strict in-register setting — is something, that should be done for a lot of documents but is not easy using LaTeX. Package gridset helps to get the information needed for grid setting. It does not implement auto grid setting, but there is a command \vskipnextgrid, that moves to the next grid position. This may be enough under some circumstances. In other circumstances it may fail. So gridset is only one more step for grid setting not a complete solution.

Note: I do not longer recommend to use this package!

Location on CTAN:
Note: You can download it either from CTAN or github.

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