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Space above and underneith chapter, section, subsection and lists


First of all, thank you for writing the excellent komascript classes!

While I've consulted the documentation, I can't figure out how to reduce the total vertical space of my MSc thesis.

I want to reduce the space above and underneith:

-chapters, sections and subsections
-enumeration, itemization and desription lists.
-figures and tables

The layout of my TOC must remain unchainged.

Can someome help me with this problem?

Kind regards,


I know that this is against all typographical rules, but I'm bound to university legislation.

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There are general size values for option headings to change size and spacing of headings. Since KOMA-Script 3.18 spacing of all headings can be changed individually using settings beforeskip and afterskip.

Spacing of lists is defined by several lengths. However, instead of changing such lengths, I would recommend to use package enumitem.

Spacing above and below floats is defined in the LaTeX kernel (see source2e) and depend on the kind of float (top, here, bottom, or page). Spacing of captions depend on the two length \abovecaptionskip and \belowcaptionskip.

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