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The package »marginnote«

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Package: marginnote
Copyright (c) Markus Kohm 2005-2018
Licence: LPPL
Version: 2018/08/09 v1.4b
Maintainer: Nobody

This package provides the command \marginnote that may be used instead of \marginpar at almost every place, where \marginpar cannot be used, e.g. inside floats, footnotes, frames made with framed package …
Major Changes:
  • Fix for vertical position of margin notes, e.g., inside lists.
  • I do not longer maintain the package. If you want to become the new maintainer, see the title page or the issue section in the manual.
Fix for consecutive odd pages or consecutive even pages in a double-ended document (e.g. with class option twoside) added. Note, however, using consecutive odd pages or consecutive even pages in a double-ended document is still not recommended, because printing with correct margins will still need at least an empty page between two odd or two even pages, because (La)TeX decides on the page counter, e.g., whether to use \oddsidemargin or \evensidemargin or whether to use \@oddhead and \@oddfoot or \@evenhead and \@evenfoot.
New options parboxrestore (new default to set \parskip, \parindent, \par, \\ and several other commands an lengths at the beginning of every margin note) and noparboxrestore (to use the old default of marginnote before v1.4).
  • Support for two-column mode added.
  • Support for engines without \pdfsavepos and \savepos removed.
Support for package bidi.
Support for LuaTeX since 0.95.
\ignorespaces added and \strut moved to allow hyphenation of the first word [suggested by Ulrike Fischer]
made it \long to allow paragraph breaks at the text arguments of \marginnote;
also set \linewidth
missing usage of \marginnotevadjust at left margins fixed
new options fulladjust, heightadjust, depthadjust, and noadjust to change the general default of the vertical adjustment
horizontal position fixed if \hoffset is not 0pt or \pdfhorigin is not 1in
XeTeX also has \pdfsavepos

Releases of marginnote are available from CTAN. You should install it using the package manager of your TeX distribution. Updates should also be installed using either MiKTeX upates or the TeX Live manager.

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