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How to make changes to the head and foot of the page

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Auf Deutsch: Wie man Änderungen an Kopf und Fuß der Seite vornimmt

In KOMA-Script the header and footer of the page is mainly controlled by the page style. The classes usually provide four page styles: empty (actually provided by the LaTeX kernel), plain (the style from the LaTeX kernel is overloaded by the KOMA-Script classes to provide additional features), headings and myheadings. The styles plain, headings and myheadings are configurable within certain limits. If you want more, you need an additional package like scrlayer, scrlayer-scrpage or fancyhdr. For the use with KOMA-Script classes mainly scrlayer-scrpage is recommended, because various possibilities of the KOMA-Script classes are supported automatically, whereas with the other packages the user is increasingly responsible for this himself. The least support the user gets is when using fancyhdr. Therefore, the classes warn that some things do not work (automatically) when using this package and recommend to use scrlayer-scrpage instead.

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